Hi. My name is Don Barber.

I live in Columbia MD, in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

I'm currently in IT Management for a large Pharma company. I formerly consulted with both government and commercial clients, and manage multiple projects, most involving using information technology and organization development solutions to implement strategic business goals.

Outside of work and family, I'm into (in no particular order) learning, sailing, welding, soldering, aviation, hiking, camping, cloud computing/virtualization, reading, history, motorcycles, horses, shooting, gardening, running, ham radio, skiing, the stock exchange, and more. I'm also still a geek at heart so I still spend time tinkering with coding, open source, Linux and UNIX, networking, security, reverse engineering, video streaming, encryption, system integration, algorithms, soldering circuits together, repairing radios, and other such related activites.

This page doesn't have much, and may never, but I tweak it every blue moon.

How to get a hold of me


Amateur Radio: N3LP

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